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ABTM Cohort Application

Application Form
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Course Description 

All types of Asian owned business are invited to apply to the Asian Business Training & Mentorship program (ABTM). The purpose of the program is to empower participants with the knowledge, resources and professional networks they need to stabilize and grow their businesses. This program has been designed by and for Asian businesses.

The 4th cohort will begin in May 2023. The course consists of ten (10) 2-hour sessions, which will be held every other week at a time that is convenient for the participants. The reason why we are doing this is to give you ample time between classes to take what you are learning in the classes, through your interactions your mentors, peers, and instructors to make improvements to your company. The first nine classes will cover important aspects of operating your businesses and making them more profitable. The topics that will be covered in these classes are listed below. Each class will feature 1 mini-case presentation. Presenters will be selected by the instructors based on the alignment of the issues facing the businesses with the class topic, which create rich experiential and real world learning opportunities for the presenters and peers. Class topics are used to provide structure to participants’ work with his/her mentor. Participants will make final presentations in the tenth class. The purpose of the final presentation is to create a structured way for you to present your overall plan and to demonstrate the extent of your progress and learning in the course.  

Each cohort will consist of 12-15 businesses and will not be any competitors in the group. All information discussed in the program will be treated as confidential and not discussed outside of the program unless participants give their consent. Participants are expected to attend all classes. Attendance is important because what you are likely to learn from the other business owners in the class can be just as important as what you will learn from the instructors and executive mentors. Attendance is also important because in cases one topic builds on the previous topic and you need to attend all sessions to fully keep up with the material. The other reason to attend all sessions is your absence is a lost opportunity for yourself and your peers. If you expect to miss more than one class you will be asked to discuss your motivation to continue in the program with Andy Goldberg, Founder anProgram Director and devise a plan to catch up with the class.  

Class Topics  

  1. Ideas and Innovation 

  2. Industry and External Factors 

  3. Competition and Competitive Advantage 

  4. Required Resources 

  5. Human Resources

  6. Cost Control 

  7. Profits and Profitability 

  8. Leadership 

  9. Succession Planning

  10.  Final Presentations

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