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Entrepreneurship Update

Congratulations to our 2021 and 2022 graduates of our Asian Business Training Program. AACA believes strongly in supporting immigrant-owned small businesses as a means to financial empowerment and closing the racial wealth gap. In 2023, our Entrepreneurship Program evolved to support Black and Latino small business owners, contributing to a more inclusive and diverse entrepreneurial landscape.


Gus, originally from Venezuela, arrived in the United States with dreams of becoming his own boss but faced significant challenges due to his limited English skills. Determined to overcome these obstacles, he initially took on low-wage jobs in food service. However, his ambition drove him to seek self-improvement opportunities, leading him to enroll in ESL classes and BEEMS. He worked diligently with a tutor to improve his English while also training hands-on with real tools and equipment. Upon completing the program, Gus secured a job in the trades, which soon led to the realization of his entrepreneurial dream when he started his own locksmith business. This venture quickly thrived due to his dedication and newly acquired skills. Throughout his journey, Gus continued to receive support and guidance from AACA, ensuring his business's success and ongoing language development. 

Juan, hailing from Mexico, arrived in the United States with dreams of turning his passion for classical piano into a successful career. However, his limited English skills posed significant barriers. Determined to overcome these challenges, Juan enrolled in the Next STEP program, aiming to improve his English with aspirations of attending Berklee College of Music.

With a rich background in performing classical piano, Juan dedicated himself to his studies, working tirelessly to master the language and refine his musical talents. Recently, his hard work paid off as he launched his own business venture, earning a living as a paid performer. Through perseverance and dedication, Juan not only overcame language barriers but also turned his love for music into a thriving career. His journey is a testament to the power of following one's passion and the importance of continuous learning.

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