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Multi-Service Center

Welcome to the AACA Multi-Service Center! This is your one-stop shop for wraparound services for benefits help, housing, and tax counselling.


Multi-Service Center offers a wide range of support services for low-income families, including federal assistance programs like SNAP, LIHEAP, EAEDC, TANF, and SSI. Additionally, the center provides counseling on various essential matters such as retirement, unemployment benefits, and healthcare, as well as valuable translation and interpretation services.

Housing Counseling

Our Housing Counseling Service is dedicated to addressing the pressing need for affordable housing in the Boston community. Our counselor assists clients in finding low-income, elderly, and government-subsidized housing options, evaluates eligibility for priorities, and guides them through the application process while offering additional support, including community outreach, case management, housing court assistance, and eviction prevention services, ensuring a comprehensive approach to securing affordable housing.

Food Bank/SNAP
Food Stamps

Are you seeking food for yourself, your family, a neighbor, coworkers, or friends? Use AACA Food Bank’s Partner Agency Locator here to find help in your community.

Immigration & Citizenship Services

Our Immigration & Citizenship Service provides support in preparing forms for Green card renewal, Naturalization, or Citizenship services, and offers Mandarin, Cantonese, and Taishanese interpretation for Naturalization interviews. For additional services and details, please click the button below to learn more.

Low Income Taxpayer Clinic

Our Low Income Taxpayer Clinic (LITC) provides free assistance to low-income taxpayers dealing with disputes with the Internal Revenue Service or Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Importantly, LITC representation ensures no preferential treatment and safeguards the taxpayer's rights throughout the process.

Counseling Service

We provide professional counseling services including career counseling,  financial counseling, and mental help counseling. These services are offered by trained and licensed professionals. 

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