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Every year, AACA has benefited from the volunteer’s contributions. Volunteers play an important role in supplementing the services that AACA staff provide. AACA has a variety of volunteer opportunities available. Start getting involved today and make a difference!


To apply for a volunteer position, please fill out the Volunteer Interest Form.

Volunteer at AACA

ESL/ESOL Opportunities

Our ESL/ESOL classes are always looking for volunteers for tutoring, conversation groups, and data entry. To find out more, please get in touch with

Graphic Design Opportunities:

Graphic Designer Intern

1) Assisting in designing and producing print and electronic materials related to the organization’s program development, Sampan Newspaper and marketing needs.
2) Creating invitations, flyers, programs, brochures and posters for events and
3) Knowledge of InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or WordPress.

This is a great opportunity for aspiring professional graphic designers who would love to gain hands-on professional experience within the realm of graphic design and build their portfolio! Volunteers can work off-site.

Journalism Opportunities:

Reporter Intern

1) Going to events, interviewing people and take photos
2) Writing articles, reporting events, editing and proofreading
3) Excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Bilingual ability in Mandarin or Cantonese is a plus.

Translator Intern

Chinese-English translation and proofreading for articles and advertisements

Advertisement Assistant Intern

1) Photocopying, filing, and faxing
2) Answering telephone calls, communicating and negating with clients.
3) Designing, writing and proofreading the content of print advertisements
4) Basic knowledge of InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or WordPress highly preferred. Bilingual ability in Mandarin or Cantonese is a plus.

This is a great opportunity for aspiring journalists, advertisement executives and copy-editors, as well as students who are interested in journalism and marketing. Bilingual ability in English and Chinese highly preferred. Must be able to work collaboratively in deadline-oriented environment. Volunteers can work off-site.

Childcare Opportunities:

Childcare Volunteer

1) Must be a Mandarin native speaker.
2) Observing and monitoring children’s daily activities.
3) EEC CORI required.

Social Worker Opportunities:

Social Worker Intern

1) Helping with case management, advocacy, and resource development for the low-income clients that the department serves.
2) Bilingual ability in Mandarin or Cantonese highly preferred.

Administrative Opportunities:

Front Desk Intern

1) Greeting visitor, answering phone calls and inquiries about the organization or clients’ appointments
2) Scheduling appointments, routing calls to employees.
3) Data entry, filing, organizing client database

Development Intern

1) Conducting research, grant writing, fundraising.
2) Event planning and other clerical helps
3) Managing AACA’s social media profiles and presence, including Facebook, Twitter, and additional channels that may be deemed relevant.
4) Managing, designing and updating webpage

IT Intern

1) Work side by side with the Director of IT on various IT projects/systems that support AACA.
2) Setting up computers/mobile devices and carrying out basic network administration and maintenance.
3) Creating/updating IT documentation and producing training guides for staff.
4) Assisting with Intranet/website content updates and web coding.
5) Updating internal client database and reports.
6) Researching IT products for areas of improvement.

How to Apply:

1. Volunteer Interest Form
2. Resumes (if available) should be sent to When you contact us, please and indicate your availability and which positions you are most interested in.

Please note: These volunteer positions are not paid positions. Thank you for your interest in volunteering at AACA

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