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AACA Annual Appeal 


Natalie Tsoi

In 2023, we experienced an unprecedented rise in needs from immigrant communities, leading us to expand our program capacity by 150%. With urgent funds, we helped many of our clients secure assistance and resources for food, housing, education, training, and jobs. Our dedicated team of case managers, teachers, employment specialists, and social workers performed miracles. With very limited resources, they provided critical support to this very vulnerable population.

Today, as we begin 2024, I reach out to you to help us to continue our important mission. The migrant crisis is growing daily with more and more individuals seeking just basic needs for their families.


Thank you very much for your support.

Pay with PayPal, credit, or debit card below. You may also pay with a check (or if you have questions) by contacting 617-426-9492 Ext 256

Annual Appeal 2023

Help us make a difference


Thank you for your donation!

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