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English Education

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English Tutorials
First STEP 

Our English tutorial program offers personalized, 1:1 ESOL tutorials tailored to your workplace needs. These tutorials can be scheduled at your convenience, including days, nights, and weekends, exclusively for students enrolled in AACA job training programs.

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First STEP empowers individuals with a foundational understanding of basic English to enhance their vocabulary and comprehension of everyday topics. Through 8 hours per week for 12 weeks, priced at $400 including a book and with need-based scholarships available, it equips students to communicate effectively in various contexts and pursue success in their community, school, business, and work.


Next STEP offers multiple levels of ESOL classes for adults, conducted in the morning and early afternoon, allowing you to study English alongside students from diverse global backgrounds. We also provide opportunities for additional conversation groups and practice to further enhance your language skills.

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Career Advancement for Professionals

Career Advancement for Professionals (CAP) is a unique ESOL initiative that combines distance learning, classroom instruction, and tailored job search activities. It caters to immigrants with college degrees and professional backgrounds, helping them regain their careers by addressing their educational and employment needs from their native countries.

Workplace Education

Workplace Education offers on-site language courses at employers' workplaces, empowering incumbent employees to excel in their current roles and gain skills for future career advancement. Additionally, the workplace education program may include classes in adult basic education and computer skills, enhancing employees' earning potential and career growth opportunities.

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